Between April and July 2012 I set out to travel to the world. The trip covered 46,000 miles, visiting 6 continents and 28 countries.  Below is a digitized version of the notebook I kept while traveling. We start the story with Phase 3 of Part 1. Why? Read on

#Part 1: USA Road Trip ( April 6 – May 19 )

4.27 Portland, Seattle, Hwy 101, Astoria

This is the first entrée in my new BBWT travel notebook. Why do I have a new notebook you ask? … Well, my van got broken into while we were at the Seattle Space Needle two days ago and they took both our bags, GPS, iPods, and computers. In my bag was my notebook, my passport, and other meaningful objects, such as the bullet from the Penn and Teller bullet trick. Fuck man. Dad jus over-night shipped my birth certificate so I can go on Monday to the Seattle passport office to get my new passport expedited before I must leave for the overseas part of the trip that starts in just 19 days.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 10.21.11 PM.png

I still need to get a visa for China in about 10 days. Kind of nervous that something might get messed up… On with the story. We called the police and filed a report. Not expecting anything to come up. We ended up staying with a friend in Seattle that night and decided to drive down the coast of Washington yesterday. It was very pretty and I’m glad we got to do it considering the circumstances. We hit a pretty stressful snag at the end of the day. We drove out on this beach with the van to get some sunset pictures of the ocean and we got stuck in the sand. We were trying to dig ourselves out for over an hour before a guy in a truck drove by and pulled us out with a chain. After that, we were both tried and sais screw going back to Portland that night. We got a hotel just past the border in Oregon called Astoria. We will check out the area a bit later today. I guess I will go back and write a little bit about what we saw and did during the trip up to this point since all those entrees are lost along with the notebook. I had been writing an entrée every three days, about 1-2 pages in length.

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4.6 Cincinnati, St. Louis

Start of the road trip out west. We left from home and drive 6 hours to St. Louis to stay with Chris and Julie. We had a great time as usual. It’s always good to visit with them. We set off early the next morning.

4.9 Kansas City, Denver, Colorado Springs

We stayed with two of James’ friends in Denver both nights. We drove out to see the mountains and we reached 12,000 feet a new high elevation for me. The tallest peak in Colorado is around 14,000 feet. We explored downtown Denver that night. On our way to Denver (14-hour drive), we stopped off in KC to get lunch with one of James’ friends. We got five guys burgers just north of KC downtown. We continued to Denver and stayed for two nights. The next day we drove to Colorado Springs to visit a friend Britney. She took us to the old side of the city. I got to drink out of an active spring. It was a major people watching area. We played a bunch of games (skeeball, pinball) got some lunch, and we set off.

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4.12 Durango, Great Sand Dunes NP, Four Corners, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon

Next, we went to Great Sand Dunes NP. It was impressive and mind-blowing. The area was so isolated as well. The stars were awesome at night. The park was just completely open, you could just go wherever you wanted. We hiked for over an hour and made it nowhere near the top. We stayed the next night in a hostel in Durango which was cool. The next day we went to Mesa Verde NP. The drive into the park was half the fun. The canyons there were what we thought was amazing, that is until we saw the Grand Canyon. I cannot emphasize this enough – The Grand Canyon is completely mind-blowing. The pictures and video do not capture the scale of it at all. An absolute must see in person. Before arriving at the Grand Canyon, we stopped off at the Four Corner so that we could technically be four places at once. We got caught in the middle of a sandstorm. James’ camera got part-way broken because of it; sand got trapped in between the lens and makes the pictures out of focus. For the most of our drive, the road was completely sand covered. I had to follow GIS and hope I was still driving on a road.

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