The page is a constant stream of thoughts and topics I’m interested in


Plato believed that people mirror images of the essence of the ‘gods and goddesses’. Aristotle believed the essences were ‘in the things themselves’. The debate continues

Life is a ride that goes 67,000 miles per hour and turns at 1000 miles per hour

No one below 50 years old should be allowed to wear a bow-tie

The fear of losing is what in fact made him lose

We essentially do things for no cause until we grow sick of it and more on to another desire


The government official leaned in and said “We tax you to fund an army to prevent you from not paying taxes”

Once you build a system, you see everything in terms of the system

What we know as human beings is a consequence of how we interact with the world

We treat things as equal that are merely similar

The masters are hollow in that they have not been forced to turn their power inward and carve out the character (or soul) that makes each of us human

To know our feelings is to be able to name them

There is not a war between civilizations, only a war between civilization and those who seek to upend civilization

A practice looking for a theory or a theory looking for a practice


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