Average Number of Years at Tech Companies

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 3.57.25 PM.png

In the largest and most competitive tech companies, the average tenure by employees is approximately two years. The chart above displays the average number of years an employee spent working for various large tech companies.


Deep Learning research by country


Above is a bar chart displaying the number of research papers published each year on Deep Learning. Two trends are noticeable: One, Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence research is on the rise across all the most advanced nations in the world and, Two, China and the US are far outpacing the nearest competitor countries. There is also an A.I. patent battle underway being waged mostly in Silicon Valley (Apple, Facebook, Google) and Seattle (Amazon, Microsoft). AI2.png

(Graphics from MIT Technology Review 2017)

Price Changes Since 1996

Price changes 20 years.png

The above graphic displays price changes for various items over the last 20 years – 1996 through 2016. Overall inflation was 55% over the period (about 2.7% annually not factoring compounding). What is striking is how much technology prices have fallen while medical and tuition cost have soared well over inflation rates. Tuition costs have increased on average at 3.7 times the rate of inflation and medical costs at about 2 times inflation. Meanwhile, various technologies as decreased in relative cost. As overall prices have increased annually at around 2.7%, Wireless Service has decreased in price by 2.3% per year, Software is down 3.3% per year, and TV’s are down 4.8% per year. Housing and Food costs have remained on par with inflation year by year.

House Prices and Tech


The bar chart on the left displays the number of technology related jobs per 1000 jobs for select cities. The bar chart on the right displays the median house price for the same cities on the left. What jumps out from this comparison is how expensive house prices are in the Bay Area compared with other tech centers around the country. Despite having roughly the same number of tech related jobs (7.9% and 7.6%) home prices in San Francisco are more than two and a half times more expensive than homes in Seattle (1.2 million compared with 430k). Another finding is that even if cities have a higher fraction of their laborforce working in tech jobs, most cities in this sample do not have home prices far above the US Average.