Trumpland and Clinton Islands

Clinton islands.png

It’s informative to display how small of the country, by area, Hilary Clinton won in the 2016 Presidental Election. Above is a map of the regions of the country Hilary won (Clinton Islands) and below is the area of the country Trump won (Trumpland). Given the area difference alone, it appears that Trump won in a landslide, however, in fact, he lost the popular vote by more than 2% to Clinton! This is due to the large differences in population density each candidate won – put simply, Clinton won in the cities and Trump won in the rural areas. The highest percentage Trump supporting region was the central plans while the largest Clinton supporting regions were the San Francisco Bay Area and eastern seaboard running from Washington DC to Boston.



2 thoughts on “Trumpland and Clinton Islands

  1. (These maps are BRILLIANT!!)

    The thing that always infuriates me about all the “she won the popular vote” crap is that in states where the non-absentee balloting (on the actual ‘voting day” plus early voting) clearly shows a winner (i.e., a state has clearly and unbeatably gone for Trump), they STOP COUNTING THE BALLOTS! So, all those MILITARY folks who absolutely voted and mailed their ballots — DO NOT GET COUNTED! EVER! So how can the left-lib-idiots keep claiming “they won” — “we” never even finished counting the votes!! INFURIATING!


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